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Business Continuity and Resilience Demands Prudence
12 March 2021 | Tan Hian Hong
FM Global Vice President and Client Service Manager Asia Tan Hian Hong argues that natural disasters do not stop during a pandemic. The eye on the horizon therefore, should not only factor in market recovery, but also on the ever-present sources of risk to business continuity. While Asia’s brightening business landscape gives hope for a better global economic outlook this year, a major takeaway from 2020 is that there is a need to shore-up risk mitigation strategies to avoid further business interruption and preventable losses.
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FM Global taps remote servicing technologies amid pandemic
04 December 2020 | Insurance Business Asia
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major shifts in how companies operate, and these shifts have allowed them to discover that alternative ways of doing business are possible. For example, virtual meetings while working from home are now extremely common in many industries compared to one year ago. According to Yong Seek Ying, vice president and division engineering manager for FM Global in Asia-Pacific, the company harnessed remote servicing technologies, enabling it to continue its business.
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A Supply Chain Lesson In 2020: What Toilet Papers Can Teach Us About Resilience
20 November 2020 | Industrial Automation Asia
When Covid-19 hit us at the start of 2020, few foresaw the pandemic holding us in a captive limbo till now. Global supply chains have been impacted to varying degrees, with medical and food supplies being two notable casualties. What risk management lessons can we learn from our experience? FM Global's Jeffrey Toh discusses how we can manage supply chain risks.
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Hard market: “Start renewals early”
10 November 2020 | StrategicRisk Asia Pacific
Risk managers should start their renewal process early and manage their expectations, advises FM Global. As many industries grapple with the economic and commercial disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, FM Global is offering key advice for risk and insurance managers for an effective renewal process with their commercial property insurer, to help meet the challenges posed by the changing market conditions.
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Property risk in a post-pandemic economy
01 October 2020 | Asia Insurance Review
Asia was the first region to confront COVID-19 and its businesses the first to confront unparalleled stress on property assets, supply chains, technology infrastructure and people. FM Global’s Mr Nantha Marimuthu and Ms Yong Seek Ying take a look at the changing face of real estate risk.
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Advice On Improving Risk Management Record
18 September 2020 | Industrial Automation Asia
Business need first to adopt a holistic business risk identification process that helps the company identify the most critical part of its business to ensure its continued operation or survival. Tan Hian Hong, vice president, client service manager for FM Global Asia Operations, speaks to Industrial Automation Asia on the critical aspects of an organisation that businesses need to look at to ensure its survival and to manage risks.
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Managing flood risk
11 September 2020 | Asia Insurance Review
Recent floods ravaging parts of East and South Asia have once again brought the issue of flood risk to the forefront. Tan Hian Hong, FM Global Asia vice president and client service manager, speaks to Asia Insurance Review about the increasing flood risk that businesses face and what they can do to prevent losses.
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FM Global urges Asia-Pacific leaders to retain focus on climate risks
30 July 2020 | Commercial Risk Asia
Leaders in the Asia-Pacific region in particular must continue to focus on the impact of climate change and invest in loss prevention, business continuity and risk management and mitigation measures to protect their businesses as they pursue the recovery, or face potentially catastrophic damages, Alex Tadmoury, senior vice-president, division manager of FM Global’s Asia-Pacific operations, has warned.
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Views From The Top: Emerging stronger from the storm
27 July 2020 | The Business Times
In this week's Views From The Top, Business Times looks at how organisations girding for the recession. Are there any silver linings or bright spots amid the economic gloom? Alex Tadmoury, Senior Vice President, Division Manager Asia-Pacific for FM Global, shares his leadership insights.
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